Hairstylists Working From Home?

March 22, 2020

Is that even possible for a Hairstylist to work remotely during this pandemic? Nope

Let me start by saying, I officially quit my job after having my first son but I soon realized my inability to stay out of the salon. Over the years I feel as though my passion has shifted from hair styling to makeup and cosmetics. I still can’t stay out of the salon. I currently work one day a week in a salon doing maintenance color services and haircuts. Which means, the customers that come in to see me are not just clients or walk-ins, these are people I have known for years. People who have come in regularly for something far greater than a hair styling service. We have sometimes deep conversations, tears and painful laughs. My point is, I not going to miss doing your hair as much as I’m going to miss you. As we sit here at home during these days of Coronaviruses and quarantines, I’m racking my brain trying to think of ways clients can continue to maintain their hair at a safe CDC recommended distance.

If you’re a personal grey cover customers of mine, I have ordered some professional “At-Home” Kits (freshly Clorox wiped) that I will personally deliver to your home for all those that have appointments in the next couple of weeks. These are by the brand Redken, which is one of the brands used in salon, and it will be just enough product to touch up the hairline and down the part of your hair. The kit also comes with a set of gloves, mixing bowl and brush. The idea of this product is to blend grey until we can meet again. You can watch this short video demonstrating how to apply root color.

For everyone out there missing your hair appointments, please consider using wash out root powders or sprays. Correcting box color can be time consuming for your stylist and expensive for you. Thank you for supporting your favorite Hairstylist!

That being said, I realize not everyone can be a regular in a hair salon and you may be abruptly losing CoronaCash. I’ve listed a few things here to get you started with your at-home color. 

*Below are some Affiliate Links for your convenience. Should you decided to buy something, I may receive a small commission at NO addition cost to you. Thank you for your support *

This Schwarzkopf Box color: This at-home box color has great reviews. Just remember to get a SLIGHTLY lighter color than you think. Sometimes these at-home colors can come out a little darker than expected. *Reiterating, do not do this if you normally see a hairstylist.*

Ok so now for those highlights: This is the exact hair bleach I use in salon. You must buy this powdered bleach with this cream developer. You will also need these balayage highlighting boards. Make sure you have handy a comb and clips, some tissues, cotton balls, or some of the toilet paper you’ve been hoarding. Also, click here to check out my You Tube channel. Hit the Subscribe button and look for an upcoming video for a tutorial on how to add a few brighter strands to your hair.

*Note: I’m not suggesting this for people who normally see a stylist. If you would normally make an appointment in a salon please please PLEASE hold out for that hairstylist. Trust me, they will be ready to do your hair just as much as you’re ready to have it done. These options are for those persistent “I cut my own hair” people, you know who you are, wink wink.

Please do not cut your hair with orange handled kitchen scissors! Order these small scissors at around $7, you won’t regret it. Orrrrrr pick up some from your local pharmacy while picking up your Coronavirus survival items.

The most important thing is keep an open mind and a light heart during these trying times. Hopefully soon we’ll all be back to scheduled hair appointments, normal days, and lots of hugs and handshakes. Stay safe out there.