“Ouai Cool”

July 22, 2018

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I love dry shampoo, who doesn’t. It gets you from one wash to the other and gives your hair a little revive in the process. My number one problem with dry shampoo is the smell. The smell of this cakey mess going on dirty hair, and then getting fogged out of your bathroom before inhaling pressurized powder, ughhhh! NO MORE! NO THANK YOU!

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The Ouai, pronounced “way”, dry shampoo is a game changer! The first major difference in this dry shampoo is that it’s a foam, a thick foam. Sounds weird and it kinda is weird to use this product for the first time but it does not disappoint! Work it into roots on your day old hair *cough-two day old* and it will not only absorb the oil but it also leaves your hair feeling soft and CLEAN. And the best part… It smells great!! I have been using this combo lately and I’m obsessed with the way it performs. The Rose Hair and Body oil is great to run through the ends to smooth out the frizz. The smell is not so overpowering that you wouldn’t be able to use it on the whole body if you wanted to.

Overall, I’m so happy with these products and if you need me I’ll be going this Ouai. Boom!

Try the Dry Shampoo!!!

“Ouai Cool”
“Ouai Cool”