Spa-viving Cold and Flu Season

February 16, 2019

I really can’t complain too much! I live in North Carolina where the winter season is usually short and non life threatening. However….. UGH! It gets cold enough to keep the mosquitoes dormant and bringing out all the cold and flu germies. Some may know I had another baby boy in November and I have been trying to be extra careful to avoid sickness but late January the whole house got a nasty head cold. We were lucky the babe was able to avoid this one (Yay!!) April get here quick! I am breastfeeding our baby which is known to help prevent sickness. Your body actually produces antibodies to help prevent baby from getting the very cold or sickness you have, way cool!! However, because I am breastfeeding it limited the medications I can take. So while my husband stayed doped up on cold meds I took what has been deemed safe to take while breastfeeding, Ibuprofen and Flonase, and I remedied my cold with these spa-like items and activities. It not only helped relieve symptoms but it was relaxing and rejuvenating. What new mother or person on the planet wouldn’t like that! Here’s what I did……

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Hot steamy shower in the mornings and a relaxing bath in the evenings. Yes, both. Put these peppermint/eucalyptus shower bomb in the shower so that it’s not directly in the water flow but gets hit with enough water to slowly dissolve. The smell travels through the steam and helps clear the sinus passages. In the evening I would take a relaxing bath with Eucalyptus Menthol Epsom Salt and it was so wonderful I looked at other scents they provide and found these!

During the day I would use a microwavable heating pad around my neck and shoulders. I like this particular one because it wraps around the neck. Putting heat around the sides of my neck and shoulders help to loosen secretions that can bother my sphenoid sinuses which effects my hearing. This has been a game changer for me! The heat seems to loosen everything up making the pressure a little more bearable and allows me to hear like I’m not under water! I will also put a couple drops of peppermint oil on the ends that rest in front of my face.

They also have eye masks you can heat in the microwave (always be careful of over heating). I like to sit in an upright position in the bath and let the heat and aromas do their job. After my bath in the evening I massage my face with the massaging brush head attachment for the Clarisonic. This, more than anything, just made my face feel good. I used it to massage around my temples and around my nose and cheeks before gently massaging my neck in slow downward strokes. Not ideal on the daily, as we want to massage the neck in upward stokes to hopefully avoid sagging skin, but while I’m sick I feel like the downward motion aids in draining those passages.

Don’t forget… Plenty. Of. Fluids! Thank you for reading, stay well!!